Database and Directories
The Center developed the first interactive, global, comprehensive, multi-sectoral database and directory of think tanks. Most databases and directory are organized by discipline, country or region. The Center maintains the only multi-sectoral database of think tanks . Specialized databases of think tanks in areas such as development, democracy, security, international affairs and health have been created.
Program Objectives:
We collect data and conducts research on think tanks and policy communities around the globe and then disseminates the findings as widely as possible. In addition, we develop and implement strategies that will increase the capacity of think tanks so that they can better serve policy makers and the public. We work with think tanks, knowledge communities, policy makers and civil society representatives to:

  • Develop strategies that will improve the performance and effectiveness of think tanks in the creation, dissemination and utilization of policy-relevant proposals and will engage policy makers and civil society representatives in the policy making process. 

  • Create a virtual global think tank that will foster collaboration, information sharing and the transfer of innovative policies and proposals from one institution or policy community to another. 

  • Promote a constructive dialogue and collaborative research and analysis on policy issues through the creation of global issue networks that build on existing local and regional networks wherever possible. 

  • Identify, test and disseminate strategies and technologies that will facilitate collaborative research and information sharing among public policy research organizations and other policy and knowledge based institutions around the world. 

  • Promote an ongoing interdisciplinary global dialogue among think tanks, policy makers and civil society representatives that will explore the critical role think tanks play in civil societies and how these institutions can be sustained over time. 

In recent years, we have become concerned about the lack of attention that has been given to assuring the long-term vitality of these institutions. In an effort to help improve the effectiveness and sustainability of established and fledgling think tanks, the project will actively promote innovative approaches to fundraising, management, public engagement and policy analysis and research.